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Google review

I had a great experience here. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The doctor is caring and the staff is very friendly.
Thank you for everything
I absolutely enjoying visiting and attending this dentist every time I go. I have visited these offices two times now and the staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and non-judgemental. I think that's what's having me come back every time. I felt as though my past dentist experiences have been a little more on the negative side so this has been a breath of fresh (minty) air. If you're considering moving to a different dentist, I would highly recommend you visiting these offices.

I am absolutely 10000% satisfied everyone so nice. Dr actually cares and will walk you through everything that they are doing i would recommend family friends and even other people. Ive been here twice already and. Will continue coming here i needed to be seen asap and was able to get in the same day i called i love them and appreciate all of them very clean and pleasant was. So nervous but after treatment both times i know im in good hands here

Dr. Tariq & his staff give an unbelievably pleasant experience. Whether it’s a cleaning, filling, root canal or implant-you’ll never leave disappointed. The 8 years I’ve been going here, I’ve never had to come back for any defective work. Best dental clinic-hands down!

I took out one tooth and implanted one. Everything went on pretty good so far. I felt a bit nervous and scared before and during the surgery, but I felt better the second day after the surgery. I didn’t have much pain. I appreciated the professionalism of the Doctor. I am currently waiting for the final implant.

It sure is nice going to a dentist that actually cares about you and doesn't treat you like a part on an assembly line. The staff was amazingly nice and competent. Thank you to Dr Tariq and the rest of the staff.
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